Last updated on January 12, 2024

  1. Eligibility
    1. The referral program is open to all users of Traderstools who meet the specified criteria outlined in these terms and conditions.
  2. Referral Model
    1. Users can earn a free semi-annual subscription by successfully referring 30 friends who sign up for Traderstools, under a free or paid plan.
    2. The program is capped at 2 semi-annual redemptions per user, meaning a user can only have up to 60 friends who complete the sign-up process.
    3. The user is able to refer as many people as they want until reaching the number of 60 successful sign-ups – that is, having 60 active accounts with the user's unique code as the referee.
  3. Verification Process
    1. To prevent fraudulent activities, we validate new user sign-ups through a verified email process.
    2. To validate the referral, new accounts must add the referee's unique code upon sign-up or through the referral shortcut.
    3. Users have up to 3 days to add the referee's code; after that period, the referral will no longer be considered valid.
  4. Reward Redemption
    1. Upon successfully referring 30 friends who sign up, users become eligible for a free semi-annual subscription. This reward can be redeemed through the 'Referrals' section under 'Settings' in the Traderstools application.
    2. Once the user redeems the semi-annual subscription, they can continue referring more users until they reach the 60-referral threshold.
  5. Fraudulent Activity
    1. Any fraudulent activity detected during the referral process will result in immediate disqualification from receiving rewards.
    2. Fraudulent activities include, but are not limited to, creating fake accounts, using misleading information, or any other deceptive practices.
  6. Redemption Limit
    1. Users are limited to a maximum of 2 semi-annual redemptions, corresponding to referring a total of 60 friends who successfully sign up. Additional referrals beyond this limit will not contribute to further rewards.
    2. The second semi-annual subscription, once obtained, should be redeemed when the first one is due.
  7. Verification of Referrals
    1. The referred friends must be valid and unique users who complete the sign-up process. Any attempts to refer the same user multiple times or engage in any form of manipulation will be considered fraudulent.
    2. Traderstools reserves the right to track IPs in order to identify users who are creating fake accounts to earn the reward. Once identified, the user will not have the opportunity to redeem any reward from referrals.
  8. Changes to Terms and Conditions
    1. Traderstools reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program and its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  9. Final Decision
    1. Traderstools retains the right to make the final decision on eligibility, reward distribution, and any disputes arising from the referral program.
  10. Acceptance of Terms
    1. Participation in the referral program implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change, and it is advisable to review them periodically for any updates.